Bathroom renovation in Blurton

This is an example of a day to day bathroom renovation is Blurton

Day 1.
Turn up to site at 9am, have a chat with the customer and lay down coverings to protect the carpets. The customer makes me a nice cup of coffee whilst I meet the skip company and tell them where to place the skip.
Then I take a few photos of the kitchen and get to work.
The first day is mainly the rip out day. Fully strip the kitchen back to bare walls and floors.
Day 2.
First fix of any plumbing and electrics.
Day 3.
All walls and ceiling are plaster skimmed.
Days 4-8.
These are fitting days for all of the units and worktops
Day 9.
Tile splash backs and tile the floor
Day 10.
Grout the walls and floor, fit appliances, second fix of electrics and plumb in sink, washing machine and dishwasher.
Then a final silicon seal finish around the worktops. Give the kitchen and good clean, take some final photos and leave it in a showroom condition.
Then for my favourite part. Final payment and goodbyes to the customer…. On to the next renovation project.

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