Lesley’s bathroom disaster in Norton

I first met Lesley in 2018 when she contacted myself for a bathroom renovation quote. Lesley decided she would have both her bathroom and kitchen renovated with another local “reputable” company and not Stoke Bathrooms & Kitchens.

About 1 year later I had a phone call from this lady asking if you would come and have a look at her bathroom.  When I arrived, I realised that it was the same lady I had previously visited.  She proceeded to show me her “new” bathroom which she had recently renovated and her kitchen that had been ripped out and left bare.  Instead of using Stoke Bathrooms & Kitchens she contracted the work to another local company to doth both jobs but after they made an absolute mess of her bathroom, she instructed them not to complete her kitchen.  At this point she had fully paid for a bathroom and kitchen.  Her bathroom was not finished, falling apart and dangerous!  Her kitchen was a shell with a worktop with a microwave and kettle on.  The company would not refund her or put any of the jobs right.

Lesley proceeded to take court action against the company and soon realised that she was not alone.  This same company had done this to many, many people and they had all created a community page to share their experiences and to all take action together.  As of now (October 2021) Lesley has not received any compensation and is awaiting a court date.

Meanwhile once again she has had to pay for a new bathroom.  Lesley had kept in contact with me for the last few years keeping me updated on her progress.  She has not received any money back, but she had no choice but to get her dream bathroom finally done.  Lesley had lost all her faith and trust in tradesmen, but I hope now that I have been able to help her regain trust as there are many genuine self-employed tradesmen out there.

It was a privilege to finally make Lesley’s dream come true by creating her a beautiful, safe new bathroom.  Also, those bacon butties she made me every morning really kept me going!

Here is what Lesley had to say on our facebook page….

What can I say, well words don’t come close. Simon has restored my faith in tradesman. 3 years ago I was ripped off by another company who then left my bathroom refit half way through. I had lights that either didnt come on or flicked when they decided to work that is, there was a huge hole in the wall where you could see day light, no heating as it didnt work & what bit the previous idiot did fit well it was shocking!
Simon has exceeded my expectations not only with the fitting but how clean & tidy & how professional he has been. Hes had the patience of a Saint as I was so nervous because of what happened previously. This poor guy has had to rip out all the mess what was done before, put right electrics & existing plumbing issues, let’s say he’s had to completely overall my room. It was no small task! His guidance & expertise went above & beyond & he certainly takes great pride in his work.
From the bottom of my heart i cant thank you enough for what you have done for me, I now have the bathroom I’ve always dreamed off, its like something out of a magazine.

Below are the before and after photos….

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